This blog is dedicated in loving memory of Dr. Majid Serushan
March 1, 1947 – October 19, 2016

May your kind soul rest in peace

My name is James P. Miller and Dr. Serushan was our primary physician for nearly 18 plus years. He treated me and my 2 daughters with a personal touch that i haven’t seen many other doctors have. He was always very caring towards me an my family and i miss him very very much. Dr Majid died October 19, 2016 and Im creating this blog in hopes of helping others avoid the fate he experienced through an unethical possible illegal company that led to his premature death. Dr Serushan was diagnosed with ALS in 2014 and was maintaining his health as well as he possibly could.  He and i spoke nearly every month after his diagnosis so i got to stay in touch with him even after he closed his practice in Olympia Fields.

He mentioned trying a few new medications recommended by neurologists at the University of Chicago but nothing seemed to slow down his condition. He then started exploring experimental treatments and found his way to a stem cell tourism company based out of Singapore called Global Stem cells who also call themselves Unique access medical. This company made promises to Dr Majid that were out right false and i believe led to his premature death on October 19, 2016 which was just a few days after returning from the treatment he had with Global Stem cells at the World medical Hospital in Bangkok Thailand.

From marketing emails of Global Stem Cells

“In terms of stem cells we will make sure that the patient will receive the correct and necessary stem cell type, quality, quantity and viability. We guarantee a stem cell viability of 95%, many injections show staggering 98-99% improvements.”

Dr Majid was a caring decent man and it hurts me to see his name being used to trick other ALS patients into having treatment because of his title as Doctor. Global stem cell are openly claiming that if Doctors are using their service it must be work!

The company then goes on to using scarcity as a weapon to close the sale by claiming

To be honest we cant accept up to 40% of patients,

Unique Medical Access & Global Stem cells are still to this day using Dr Majids’ name and video for marketing previously successful treatments despite being the direct cause of his early death. This type of behavior is disgusting should be exposed and punished to protect the innocent.

I have already contacted the authorities in the US and some ALS groups such as the ALS association in Washington DC but they have informed me that since the company is based in Singapore and World Medical Center is in Thailand they do not have jurisdiction to pursue charges.

I did call Unique Access Medical and Global Stem cells in January and to request an explanation as to why Dr Serushan died immediately after getting treatment from them and they simply responded that the treatment was done under World Medical center “WMC” doctor care and that “Unique Access Medical is not a treatment provider.” They advised me to contact Dr. Chalerm Harnphanich or Dr Adisorn Pattra Duay director for more information about the stem cell treatments they offer. I did send multiple emails to the hospital but never got a response.

So essentially they are passing the blame on WMC for what happened to Dr Serushan while at the same time using his good name in marketing and advertising to new potential victims as some sort of medical miracle cure.

Its even more disheartening to know that this is not the first time Global stem cells has been accused of criminal negligent behavior as my research has exposed several warnings about this company in the past but it looks like they just changed their name to Unique medical access and continue to scam patients through a new medical facility such as World medical Center.

On their own website, the company global stem cells & Unique medical access lists their address as 16 Raffles Quay, #41-07, Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581 which is actually a virtual office for wine distributing company and has nothing to do with stem cells


They also list the following address Emporium Tower, 22nd Floor, 622 Sukhumvit Road  Bangkok 10110 but a quick call to the Emporium Tower office revealed this floor does not have any tenants and there is no company named Global Stem cells or Unique medical access in the entire building.

When contacting them in January they continue to use Dr Serushan as a successful example of their ALS treatment.

In the marketing email they still claim:
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients treated with stem cells observe improvements in the following areas:
•    Motor function
•    Balance
•    Coordination
•    Neuropathic Pain
•    Fatigue
•    Tremors
•    Speech
•    Swallowing
•    Slowed down progression and more

Please click below to watch video interviews of recently treated ALS patients. One of them is an American Doctor, Dr Serushan who got amazing results: By strict medical evaluation process we make sure that our success rate is very high and that the patients are happy with the results.

– Hanna Borek | Patient Advocate | Unique Access Medical

Apparently causing patient death is an “amazing result”

They took a video of Dr Majid at the hospital just a few days into his treatment and claim its a success. “His neck and leg were considerably stronger, and he was able to swallow with more ease than before he had the treatment.”

This after only 3 days.

This dishonest approach is the main reason why I’m writing this post. This type of thing could never happen on American soil and i think the company knows that which is why they feel they can get away with making outlandish claims.

More evidence of their deceitful behavior is especially clear when you see that they are knowingly falsifying information they post online by changing both the dates of the video testimonial and when the treatment actually took place.

The company seemed to have changed the posted date of Dr Majids you tube video as May 26, 2016 but in January 2017 the website page it showed the article date as October 14, 2016. The date appears to have now been changed to December 14th, 2016 but not before i was able to do a screen capture. The change of dates was likely due to them knowing WMC treatments are causing more harm than good and that nobody will notice a minor date change.

I really don’t know if posting this will do any good or not. Seems these people can continue targeting innocent victims using aggressive Google and Facebook ads without fear of any punishments. To this day they are making ridiculous claims online for things such as healing the blind or helping spinal cord patients walk again or reversing genetic conditions without any actual evidence what so ever. They are simply taking videos of patients a few days after treatment begins hoping its enough to trick the victims into paying tens of thousands of dollars for treatment.


I initially contact the Food and Drug Administration office about this case and was told by Special agent Patrick Holland that “Scammers like these offer false hope to people with incurable diseases in order to line their own pockets with money.”

Agent Holland also mentioned that since the companies mentioned are not registered in U.S. soil that they cannot help.

If this has happened to you please contact the Federal Trade commission and report their behavior

  1. Call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or go to
    The Illinois Attorney General office
  2. If anyone has suggestions on how we can stop a company like the World medical center, Global Stem cells or Unique access medical this from victimizing other patients please send me a message or leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Unraveling a Stem Cell Scam – How Global Stem Cells, Unique Access Medical & World Medical Hospital Trick Patients

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. My father has ALS and i responded to an ad last year by Unique Access but could tell right away that something was very off. The sales agent was making promises i knew were impossible. Really glad i listened to my gut on this one. I also have to agree that both them and world medical center who are giving unrealistic expectations of unproven and potentially deadly stem cell treatments and should be held accountable. I will be sure to share this in the ALS/MND groups i am in.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Outstanding!!! I am def sharing ths everywhere. great, informative and really points out the BS that stem cell companies push. But we are a nation of followers and im not sure how this will change anything. Especially since World medical center is in Bangkok and can get away with lying to anyone cause they wont b punisshed.


  3. I pass this information to our outreach team and see how we can help. One thing i also did want to mention is that please also be aware for alot of crowd funding fraudsters. Some places are setting up phoney GoFund me pages and raising money for treatments in a very elaborate hoax.

    ALS Association, Massachusetts Chapter


  4. I was planning to go have a stem cell treatment at Unique Access in Bangkok. After reading this will think about it once again very carefully. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Hi, I am glad I found this. My wife has lupus and and transverse myelitis and is currently paralyzed. We just spoke with unique medical access at world hospital in Bangkok. We spoke with Hannah, and two other doctors. I forgot their names, but the younger Dr. seemed very nervous when answering our questions. They were very confident that she would receive good results from the treatment. They did mention briefly that they had treated patients with ALS who had good results. My wife is very desperate for a miracle and has been researching stem cell treatments for months. We spoke to 2 companies in Thailand, unique medical access and better being hospital. My wife decided to go with unique medical access, but we have not wired the funds yet and our treatment is for July 5th. I wanted to take some time to so a little research on this company and a simple Google search lead me to this blog. I don’t want to be tricked into handing over $30k, but more importantly don’t want my wife to trade her life for the promise of a miracle. Now I need to speak to my wife about this before the treatment date, and I hope you can get back to me with any other information that you think I should know. We traveled all the way from the U.S. and I really don’t want to disappoint my wife. I don’t want to crush what seems her last and only hope. I was always nervous and learly about these stem cell treatments, but I am not in my wife’s position so I can understand her desperation.


  6. My brother is going there for treatment i sent him this page as well, but for some reason the agents at World medical center and Global stem cells convinced him they were legit and doing facilitation there and epidumjral stimulation would be done in World Medical hospital. Its a paid marketing stunt maybe action can be taken there? Is it legit? How do i convince my brother.


  7. My son was diagnosed with SOD few years ago, and recently i found this “amazing treatment” and send them an email with some questions. Got the answer quickly but automatic one with lots of promises and form that i should fill. I answer to them with the same questions from my first mail and asked nicely to answer to my questions first. While waiting for the answer i searched for some opinions, experiences…because sounds to good to be true…..and i found this article. Im so happy because i would do everything for my son but everything doesnt mean to put him under any kind of risk.
    thank you for this!!!


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